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SPLIT OF A SECOND - A film about wingsuit flying

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Wingsuit World Champion Espen Fadnes and Project Managers Goovinn team up again for "SPLIT OF A SECOND" after last year's film "SENSE OF FLYING", this time for an up close, personal look at Espen's thoughts and motives behind flying and some never-before-seen footage of human flight.DIRECTED BY: John Boisen & Björn FävremarkCINEMATOGRAPHY: Hans Johansson, Björn Fävremark, John BoisenCAMERA: Espen Fadnes, Paul Göransson, Lars IdmyrAIR-TO-AIR PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Ludo Woerth ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE AND SPECIAL THANKS TO: Thierry Donard and the Nuit de la glisse teamEQUIPMENT PARTNER: Camera CenterSOUND DESIGN MIX: Ulf Kjellberg & Alexander SchäringMUSIC BY: Dan Lissvik. Songs: "Track 01", "Track 02", "Track 08" Album: "7 TRX + Intermission". 2008 Cereal. Song: "One step" Album: Untitled. 2012 Bye Bye Bicycle. Song: "Believe me/Leave me" Album: "Nature". 2012PRODUCED BY: IS THIS ITEXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Paul Göransson & Lars IdmyrFOR MEDIA RELATED QUESTIONS CONTACT: Paul Göransson paul.goransson@goovinn.seFOLLOW US ON: WWW.GOOVINN.SE© GOOVINN AB 2012

: Русский
: 00:08:24
Автор: Goovinn
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